​I found Too Mini Aussies website easily. When I looked at the available pups, I wanted a blue merle female so badly. Their faces were to die for. 

 I called about one of the girls and Margo & I talked for 45 minutes. She told me how they handle all the pups every day and they are a part of the family. I told her I'd love to have one of their pups!

 After finding out, at the end of our conversation, the puppies were all spoken for, I told her to keep me in mind just in case .  Within 3 or 4 days I got a call that Larry & Margo felt that one of the girl pups would be better off in my home and life. I can honestly say they are good breeders who want the best for their dogs & it's not just about the money! When I picked up my puppy, they sent me home with food, toys Margo made, collar, leash, health papers, registration papers, and a blanket that smelled like her mom. 

 My puppy Jazz, is the cutest & sweetest girl. So adorable & full of life & joy! Jazz is also a pretty easy one to raise. She is energetic but not frenetic , a big difference.

We took a puppy kindergarten obedience class & she caught on so quickly. She learns so  fast & is very social with people & dogs. She is also very confident & not afraid of anything. She loves water already & plays in it whenever she can.

 I still send Larry & Margo photos of my little Jazz & updates about her adventures. They will be a part of my life for a very long time!


2014 ​Cody & Stella's girl



You can never have " Too Mini Aussies"


​Meet Nancy from Berkeley, Calif.

the puppy Nick that was displayed. Never going the Breeder rout, I thought the process would be simple. You call, you pay & at the end of the day you have your new pup.

  Oh contraire! That's when the nightmare began! What? I couldn't just show them the money & get my dog? They actually wanted to interview me, my husband, my son even our cat katie. Really? As I drove up to their beautiful home & exited my vehicle I extended my hand to Margo. You can only imagine my shock when, instead of taking my hand, she patted me down & asked if I would submit to a background check, & be fingerprinted?

  Was this standard operating procedure? While we were used to this process when adopting our son, we had no idea it was necessary when buying a mutt! How far were we willing to go? So I began doing a little calling around of my own to see if this was the norm. The first call was to my contact at the FBI who casually stated, "Margo said you might be calling when he heard it was me on the other end. I didn't give it much thought until my informant at the Better Business Bureau actually reached out to me' apparently anticipating my call, wanting to reassure me that Too Mini Aussies was a reputable establishment. They concluded our conversation by asking me to give Margo & Larry their best & they so enjoyed the BBQ! I then stopped by the local Petco to pick up a leash in the event Nick was available. I walked in & the person behind the register casually mentioned  "Margo said you might be stopping by"! That's when I when I realized she has a friggin drone following me!

All I can say is that Too Mini Aussies care more about finding the perfect home for their dogs than the $$$ that changes hands during the process! Why would you go any other place wanting the perfect family pet? Nick is already a big part of our family & we can't imagine our life without him. 

The Foley Family Calif 

​2014 Cody & Stella's son

It was finally time to get another family dog after losing our black lab Kali to old age in September of 2012. We asked around & Too Mini Aussies was the unanimous recommendation. Enthusiastically, I sent an email through their website inquiring about the availability of 

​Meet The Foley family & hear what they have to say about Too Mini Aussies. 

​Meet the Isherwood family

Dave, Erin, Anna, & Jonah

​First came Izzy then Bob Jr

Meet the D'Amico family from Santa Cruz, Calif. 

Joey, Adrianne & Ruby & now Mr Bones

We got our wonderful pup from Too Mini Aussies when he was eight weeks old, and he has surpassed our every expectation. We couldn't have asked for a more handsome, intelligent, & well behaved guy. Larry & Margo made the perfect choice in selecting him for us! If we ever want to get our buddy Bone a companion, we without a doubt will be returning to Too Mini Aussies. 

The D'Amico family

​2014 ​Cody & Stella's son

Too Mini Aussies= ​Excellence in breeding.

What you look for in a family dog. Our number one concern was temperament. We have two young children at home and their safety comes first. After meeting with Larry & Margo we knew we were in good hands for selecting a Too Mini Aussie puppy. Then we met the adult Too Mini Aussies themselves & we were absolutely in love. Those dogs exceeded our expectations in every way.

The entire process was lovely from minute one. The puppies care, health & safety were the number one priority. The puppy living area was clean & very well maintained. We were welcome to visit at any time after a brief newborn waiting period. After proper sanitation of hands & shoes we were lucky to hold, pet, snuggle & play with the puppies. Since we live locally, the puppy visits were often twice a week until we were able to bring our new pup home. The term "open door policy" was absolutely correct. Larry & Margo believe the more visitors the better for puppies during early weeks for optimum socialization. We absolutely agree. 

While we were busy with other family activities, we were happy to watch the pup's daily adventures on the live puppy cam. What a treat!

Our first Too Mini Aussie, Izzy, was so wonderful we had to get her a little brother, Bob. Yes, we named him after the famous Kiss Me BobbaLou "Bob".

I can tell you we have smart & happy dogs that fit our lifestyle. Our dogs join us for family trips, park, soccer, etc & every day is a joy with these two well-socialized & loving dogs.

Erin Isherwood of Chico

2014 Bob & Shelby's son