Updated 9/20/2023.

DOB 07/20/2023

9 weeks old

Everyone is up to date on all vaccinations and deworming for their age. They have also been to their wellness exam and the ophthalmologist, DVM in Sacramento and has received a big thumb up from everyone.  

They are microchipped and will start crate training and walking on the leash today.

Georgia and Dallas sweeties are happy and healthy puppies. They all have very nice substance, heads, under jaw, and toplines, but most of all personality. 

​​​Raliegh / on hold

Blue Merle Boy, 7.5 lbs. @ 9 weeks.

On hold for a show puppy. If you are interested and if we don't keep him, he will be placed as a pet only not breeding dog. 

Very lovely boy.



Austin /available

Blue Merle Boy, 8 lbs. The older he gets the more loving and handsome he is. He will be a great addition to a loving family for years to come.

​My guess is he will be 30 /34 lbs. all grown up. 

A pup will never leave Too Minis unless we feel you are the perfect match for one of our puppies.



Dakota / available 8 weeks old

Red Merle Boy, 9 weeks old 8.46 lbs.

​2 blue eyes also sweet and full of personality!

​This boy is the calmest one out of the six at this point. 

Dakota will be your best friend.



We always pride our pups on A+ temperament.

( Kid tested mother approved! )

Georgia and  Dallas are the two sweetest dogs you will ever meet. Georgia is 16.5 " and 30 lbs. Dallas is 18 1/4 ", 38 lbs.  Both dogs have all OFA's completed, eyes, hip, elbows along with full health panels.

Temperament is king!

Montana / available 

Blue Merle Girl, 7.4 lbs. @ 9 weeks lbs. with 1 blue eye and 1 marbled eye. This small pretty girl will be very fun for an active family.  She is a show quality pup but is being place only as a pet and not breeding dog!

My guess on Montana is that she will be 25 lbs. at maturity.

​​ Too Mini Aussies & Miniature American Shepherds ​​

​​​​Trenton / available

Black Tri Boy, 10 lbs. at 9 weeks with

​2 blue eyes. 

​This boy is definitely one of a kind. He is so confident and striking that calls for attention. 

Also, my guess on Trent will be around 40 lbs. due to the substance on him. Loves everyone and will be super family addition.

​If you are single and want to meet people this is your guy. He's striking!

Madison / available

Black Tri Girl 9 lbs. @ 9 weeks with brown eyes.

This girl is definitely eye candy. She should be about 25/28 lbs. at full maturity. She is gentle and loves her people.



​​All puppies MUST be spayed or neutered!