A pup will never leave Too Minis unless we feel

you are the perfect match for one of our puppies.


                  ( THAT IS 100% GUARANTEED ! )

Enjoy our live webcam 24/7, and see how we raise our pups.

Charlie, BMB 13.8 oz. at 1 week.


Pending  for our show girl.

At this point it's just a wait and see game. Cora just keeps getting better every  week.

Chloe,   BTG 11.8 oz. at 1 week.


Chester,  BMB 13 oz. at 1 week.




                           We always pride our pups on A+ temperament.

                                         ( Kid tested mother approved! )

Chuck,  BMB 14.4 oz. at 1 week


Too Minis Front Paige News, updated on 11/29/2019!

This outstanding stunning litter arrived on  November 22, 2019

and where all pending within 12 hours.

This why we ask that you get your name in early. 

All puppies are spoken for at this time.

And a heads up we never sell  Xmas puppies.

Are new families are, and not in order.

Hiva and Katherine , The Davenport family ( again ) , Connie, 

And If we are lucky one show puppy. If not we will have one

puppy available .

​​Cora is now 3 months old   

DOB Aug.18,2019

 Too Mini Aussies & Miniature American Shepherds ​​