​Shooter is going to have a new name. The Walker family didn't think yelling SHOOTER, would be the smartest thing to do. This little boy is going to keep the family laughing what ever they name him.

​At 8 wks this boy is 5.8 lbs.

Boomer is living with Jessica and his half brother Sammie in Los Angeles Calif.   

Larry and Margo,
Had our first dog training session with Sarah Richardson!!  She  had alot of very nice things to say about you and your breeding, which made me very happy.  She told the class about Too Mini Aussies and how great you guys do at socializing your puppies. She also said her next dog will be from you!!
Pretty cool. 

​​​​Mojo and McKenna having a

girls night out ! 


Meet Coelyn, she has come out from NY. to personally pick up little Petunia, who is now Zoe. Flew all night and then drove to Chico and hoped back on the plane back to NY. Larry and I are so lucky to meet such good people!!


Is now Lola and I can see that she is adjusting ever so well with Jessica and Eugene. Lucky Lola gets to hang out with her cousin Luna. 


​Diamond​​ is now known as Bella and living in Paradise Calf. She has stolen the hearts of the whole darn neighborhood. But at night she tucks her self in with her best friend Carol and the 20 year old cat. Lucky girl!!  

​Just another good rounded pup.

​Tiny Tim is now Duke and has joined the Air Force to serve and protect the Pember bed at Beale Air Force Base in Calif.! This little man should be about 20 to 25 lbs. all grown up.

( I love this little boy! )


   Hi, Margo and Larry,

Happy 3-month puppy birthday!

We're writing to let you know that our little
Mandy is now named Luna.  And that she is absolutely perfect in every way!  Not only is she the pride and joy of us two, but she is also getting tons and tons of attention from family, friends, and strangers everywhere she goes.  Now that we're back at work after the holidays, she has a whole lineup of very eager dogsitters and walkers.

She's been sleeping quietly all night since before New Year's, has adapted perfectly to suburban apartment dwelling (she knows the dozens of doors and staircases in our building, loves bunny-hopping through the tall grass in the landscaping, etc.), and is a great traveler.  Even potty training is pretty okay!

Here are few pictures for you.  (She smiles a ton, even though she seems pretty serious in most of these shots. But I did throw in one grainy smile shot for you as proof!)

Life has been so good with this amazing puppy....  Thanks again for choosing us for her, and vice versa!

Glen & Marina


Now lets talk about Larry's Flash.

​Flash is now known as, Too Mini's Gottabe The One​, ( Bowie).

​We will be looking for Bow and Lorie at Westminster in the near future. YOU GO GIRL!

​​​Available 1,200

​BOB 9/01/17 

Maurice is 4 1/2 months old and his name should have been Mr. Happy. 

​This boy will mature to be about to 25 lbs. He is playful, intelligent, and fearless. He is the perfect size for any home and traveling companion and would also be super with children.

Maurice is totally vaccinated and has had his heath checkup at 10 weeks of age. He loves the car, does well with other dog, also good on a leash and likes bath time. So now what is not to love about Mr. Happy?  

​Ping Pong is now Cash LOL. He's going to live with Tony in Livermore Calif. I'm praying that Jodi is not a jealous wife. Because as Larry would say, Cash is a chick magnet!!  

​This boy is 7.3 at 8 wks.

​This Picture cracks me up!

I told Ngan and Alen to be careful of Parvo until Kilo had his last vaccination. You would think they where first time parents, lucky boy.

​​​Here at Too Mini Aussies it's never about selling puppies. Larry and I put a lot of thought into a litter. We are also equally concerned that each and every puppy are placed in the prefect home.
Dave and Debbie are the perfect fanily for this sweet boy Tucker.

Lottie ​found her perfect home with a pool. She now lives with Keith and Denise in Fresno Calif. and as you can see I think she rules!! LOL that didn't take long. What a lucky girl. 

​Too Minis next  planned litter due January 30, 2018

Ike and Zoe are living the good life with the Hart family, lucky little mutts!!


Hi Larry and Margo, Jodi & I are just loving this guy, he is doing so good, he got fixed 2 weeks ago today & acted like nothing happened. EVERYWHERE we go we get compliments on him. He's at 31 lbs. Thank you for providing such awesome dogs. More pics to come!


​​​Too Minis Ennie Meenie Miney Mow //  AKC DN 49550001

Mow is 9 months old and was Larry's pick puppy of the litter. He is vaccinated, neutered, crate trained, house broke , and a real love!!  Mow is 16" tall and weighs 27 lbs. He is also clear all across the board, HC, PRA/PRCD , MDR1, MD. We are offering him 4-sale to the right home.​DOB  04/03/17)

Picasso is living in Corning Calif. and terrorizing the Nelson family.

​This pups belong to our good friend Donna from Rockin B Kennel. 

Past puppies

Please tell Larry and I what you are looking for in your Mini.

​Dottie has a new name !

​She is now Betty and on her way home with Doug and Holly. This is one very lucky girl!!

​Betty is 5.7 lbs. @ 8 wks

Here at ​Too Mini I do the crate training and poor Larry has the job of socialising our pups. He tells me its best for the pups when Chico State starts back to school! LOL

​Sprinsteen went home with Ngan and Alen.

​ Let me tell you Ngan really did her home work before she came to Too Mini. She study this breed from A to Z and we are honored that she chose Springsteen. Now his new name is Kilo.

​April has a new home.

​She is now known as Shadow. Lucky little girl lives with Gayle and Frank here in Chico and will be living the good life " spoiled"!!

​Bandit is now Curry. he went home today with Maxs and Simone. Now if he can be a good boy in his crate. LOL!