Thank you to all of you for loving your,

         Too Mini Aussie Pets!!

Look at Carter now at  9 months, and yes I can see Carter you have been neutered! Good Job Michael & Chelsey of Chico.

                            History repeats it's self.

First came Bella and now Mack to the Peterson family in Chico.

Sybil's got it made in San Jose Ca. with the Zehring family.

 Finli lives here in Chicowith Josie and Scott.

Neptune and her family in Walnut Creek Ca. with Alex and his parents.

                   Well this is Archy 52 lbs of mini, say no more!!

He couldn't have went to a more deserving gentlemen right here in our home town.

Sammy makes his home with Corbett family in Southern Ca. ( SPOILED) !!

First came Izzy then Baby Bob!  Isherwood Family Chico Ca.

   You can never have Too Mini Aussies!

Carbon, I sure hope your mom is better at research, because she will never make it as a photographer.But we know you are very much loved in southern California .